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Distinguished gentleman. The need to develop renewable energy to end oil, coal and natural gas causing the destructive effects causing saber Planet sulfur trioxide (SO3) isformed in the atmosphere as a pollutant ... combustion processes of fossil fuels like oil, coal or natural gas and subsequently to nitric acid(HNO3), as more secondary pollutants and greenhouse gases.

Therefore I think it will appeal to this great organization know my Invention / ChefMOTOR-EHX22 It's the world 's most important in matters energéticas- because it produces mechanical energy transferred to the generator and it transforms it into clean, unlimited electricity with 0% pollution and cheaper<STAR ALL RENEWABLE ENERGY> does not need to produce any matter -Gracias- it is the first time in the world that is achieved meet the -vaticinios- of the great mathematical physicists Srs. Claussius and Kelvin <when a volume push born without changing other spice engine> . Motor-EHX22not only meets these predictions, if not that has passed since multiplied by more than twenty times the electricity that their injection pumps spent on the process of transformation of forces essential for the energy you spend on transforming multiply essentiality.

Theengine-EHX22applicable for home, automotive for all agricultural machinery and industry in general. Automotive work with electric motors since in 2025 it will be forced at least be hybrids and the Motor-EHX22 100/100 may be electrical wires only. Is necessaryto desalinate sea water as much as required and also be able to transport over long distance in kilometers to convert the now deserted fertile land and also to bring electricity to more than two billion people by distant remain outside the system.

In this Motor-EHX22 I have spent many millions of pesetas in his more than thirty years of study of R & D and corresponding tests and trials and in the year 1988 I presented her first Registration Patent Offices Patent and Trademark Spain (SPTO) and as the prototype testing and optimizing five records was climbing Patent 2,012 last June (can see the history of these 24 years in the following link, wenthttp://eslaprimeramateriaenergetica.blogspot.com.es

I am retired and have no more money TIONmanufacture a prototype must show eighty thousand euros (80.000, - €) to make this first engine is very expensive for the molds to be made, machine tools it needs like strawberry 4th axis etc (the part that machining is performed with mold lightweight aluminum cheapening its very considerably cost) and initiate the production of Rural models 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 kW / h of continuous and permanent production 24 h 365 days a year,without intention of harming the great interests that exist throughout the world.

These models once mass produced the price will be placed on 100/120 euros per unit set foot factory. Older models from the production 137 kw / h to Megawatts not be manufactured until after the year 2030 once the agreements to suspend the use of fossil fuels are applied, but other voices and speak that would be extended until 2040.

Hope will be of interest to that organization.

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Pablo León Fernández


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